Why having a prestigious wedding in Italy?

Art, culture, breathtaking scenery and dreamy places. Italy is the country that has always spread love; how can you forget the famous story of Romeo and Juliet? They keep making all of us dream despite time.

Italy is the most desired destination to get married for foreign couples; with its charm and its versatility it can satisfy all kind of tastes and requests.

Colors and scents will wrap you from north to south. You can decide to get married in a dreamy location by the sea, among the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, between the wonderful green hills, in the snowy mountains or in an historical city rich of culture.

From Milan, Florence, Venice, Rome with their palaces and stunning monuments to the beloved Tuscan villages in the middle of nature to the famous lakes of Como, Garda, Maggiore and the rural coasts of southern Italy you can choose stunning locations.

Organizing a wedding in Italy does not mean aiming only at the excellent cuisine but embracing different and suggestive regional traditions.

Moreover, if you decide to get married in Italy, you will be amazed by the hospitality of the Italians; they are able to make you feel at home and comfortable even at 10,000 km away.

From many years Italy was also chosen by the celebrities for their weddings such as Tyrone Power and Linda Christian in 1949, George Clooney, Kim Kardashian and Justin Timberlake.

Italy is the perfect country where to get married also for its mild climate. From April to October is the ideal period for who wants to get marry in hot climate temperatures.

For those who love the cold the ideal period to get married is between November and January among the most beautiful peaks in the country.

If your choice will be Italy you can focus on to skills of Italian professionals and the “made in Italy”, famous all over the world. For example: starting from the organization with a local wedding planner, tailor-made bridal and groom dresses, floral designer and wedding stationary.

Getting married in Italy will allow you to create an elegant, unique and prestigious wedding in secular churches or in noble and luxurious historical venues with frescoes and stuccoes.

You can also decide to start writing the story of your love choosing to have your honeymoon in beautiful and romantic places in Italy as well.