Many romantic places visited during my life have been inspiring my dreams for years, I love to figurate dream weddings in that places, where ambience and atmosphere give different chances to fulfil a luxury weddings. My mind travels…

Along these 22 years in wedding planning, I have had the opportunity to understand that my additional value is working to transform a dream into reality, and the great thing is that each one of us has a different Dream. I have organized more traditional luxury weddings all around Italy and I have had the chance to fulfil more unusual dreams. I am not tired to say that all spouses are special, wishes and priorities change in every luxury wedding I plan.

Today I am happy to speak about some extraordinary luxury locations where you can celebrate your special dream wedding in Italy.

The story of Italy is long and nowadays is still visible, we have inherited art and poetry from our ancestors and you can see it in all towns of our country.

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Now I want to focus on luxury historical buildings, we have many ancient villas and castles in Italy, I define it a big luck. Each region has its own peculiarity and architectural is different depending on its history.

If you figurate your dream location full of gold details, candlesticks, old style furniture and where glitz is the protagonist, you should choose one of our most important historical buildings. In those palaces, artists of the past have left an uncountable richness as heritage of their period.

C:\Users\betti\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\castello di tabiano.jpg Is your dream to live your luxury wedding as a royal family? For sure, your most suitable location is a magnificent Castle with strong standing towers which represent the nobility! In this case, I can see for you lots of flowers decorating the ambiences, roses all around you, elegant music, maybe a quartet, and a seated reception with a royal menu! Elegance and luxury will be the must of your unforgettable event!












I use to stay in Milan for my job and when I am on a rooftop terrace of a skyscraper, I always imagine a super stylish wedding with evening party. Martini cocktail for your guests is the must! I imagine also all men invited with black tight and shining long dresses for all women! Can you figurate it? Your luxury wedding aperitif with finger food will be the protagonist during the reception, accompanied by lounge music played with the piano and if you want to give more mystery action to your stylish wedding we can preview elegant masks to your guests! Unforgettable luxury wedding experience, whit a stunning night view on the city!!


C:\Users\betti\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\yatch boat.jpg Are you ready to offer to your guests an experienced luxury wedding? If you desire to live your special event with your closest friends and familiars, for an intimate and elegant reception, why do not choose a yatch boat floating not far from the coast… your luxury wedding will be the only light of that night. Unusual choice but if you like the idea, your dream wedding will be an unforgettable moment to share with your guests.







As you know, Italy has a long coast all around and lots of small or bigger islands. The possibility to find your right luxury location by the sea is very high! If you like the sound of waves, the light atmosphere which the seaside offers, my suggestion is to choose your dream beach to celebrate your luxury wedding! Soft wind, sun and breath the saltiness of the sea surrounded by extraordinary colours and beauty. I can figurate white flowers, an arch for the ceremony and a great stylish party on the beach. Tropical and fresh cocktails will be the drinks to offer to your guests together with a seafood menu. What a fantastic experience!

Please do not forget our wonderful lakes! From north to south of Italy you can find many lakes, someone rounded by mountains, like Lake Como or Lake Maggiore, some other ones in the middle of the countryside where typical Italian hamlets overlook the scenic landscape. Lakes have something magic, the atmosphere is soft and elegant, colors all around are amazing. More and more spouses choose the lake as their luxury dream wedding location, I love it.

On Italian lakes we have different venues possibilities to live your fantastic fairy tale.

Ask your Destination Wedding Planner to fulfill your Dream Wedding in your favourite luxury location!


Ph credits: pinterest.com