After choosing the wedding dress, the one that made you daydream, all you need to do is choose the right accessories to complete your bridal look and to get in front of your future husband radiant, wonderful and beautiful!

The choice of accessories varies according to the dress, the shape, the style, the hairstyle and your face. They will have to be in perfect style with the dress you have chosen, with the mood of the wedding and will have to reflect your personality and make you feel at ease.

How to Pull off Wedding Accessories to Complement Your Wedding Look?

The more rich and important the dress is, the less precious and flashy the accessories and jewels must be. Instead, if you have chosen a dress with a classic, simple and traditional line then, you can dare with accessories and jewels.

The keyword is always to shine, light up and illuminate, but do not overdo it. The bride, in fact, must follow a whispered style, refined and elegant, but of luxury and class. Light up the face starting from the bright jewels and completing it with hair accessories. Chose fine and subtle light points. Small diamond or pearl earrings, symbol of elegance and delicacy.

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If you wear a low-cut dress, dare with an important luminous necklace, a must for dresses with necklines. If instead you have chosen a classic dress, with a simple line, embellish it and enrich it by opting for a refined point of light in white gold, romantic and precious or a bracelet, a blaze of brilliance. Choose wonderful, luxurious, but at the same time fine, simple jewels that are not too flashy nor large. Too much is too much! Elegance and delicacy are found in small things.

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With hair, on the other hand, you can dare more … search for luxury, as long as it’s chic and refined.

The alternatives are many, depending on your hair, the shape of your face and the hairstyle you choose, the choice may range from hairbands, tiaras and clasps. Many bride-to-be, in fact, on their wedding day, want to feel like real princesses and, in fact, among the hair accessories they never fail: flowers, bands in diamonds, with rhinestones, pearls and jewels, crowns, diamond tiaras and precious and shiny clasps to give a new light to your hairstyle, to make your face stand out and to embellish your look.



For the most dreamers, bridal accessories for perfect hair are the tiaras or crown. With diamonds, beads or flowers your style will be truly princely. Combine them with a simple, linear and classic dress and enrich your hairstyle, giving regality to the whole look. Its classic version is with white gold decorations. However, one can dare to use tiaras in a stylized gold / bronze metallic version, which have a hint of the floral world: leaves, flowers, doodles to frame your excited face during the wedding.


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If you are future brides and lovers of short or gathered haircuts, and even on your wedding day you don’t want to give up your style, you can opt for small clasps, sparkling headbands or fascinators, always very original and chic. Moreover, if your bridal look allows it, you can choose to have a hair band made – with or without applications – of the same fabric as the dress. To embellish rigorous, classic and traditional hairstyles, the pins and clasps are perfect, for curly and wavy hair. Choose them in shades of gold and pink gold. Or, threads of pearls, sparkling and precious leaves and branches. The important thing is that they are always matched to the dress, that your face and your make-up stand out!

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Gioielli sposa 2017 come il cerchietto Fiori d'arancio di Damiani

Cerchietto fiori d’arancio Damiani

For chic brides, always fashionable, for short hair or for those who love fringe: the hairband! Original accessory, different, alternative, and very elegant. Padded headband, embellished with applications of jewel or thin, simple, of shimmering metal, of small diamonds. A perfect light source, a classy accessory. Perfect for framing your face during weddings and adding a touch of class to your outfit.

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