Having been exploring our country for years for the organization of Luxury Weddings and for vacations too, I can confirm you that Italy is suitable to be truly the right location to fulfil your Dream Wedding. There is a mix of natural elements and old cultures and these factors contributes to make Italy a special place, highly requested for luxury wedding celebration. I know Italy from North to South and each region and village has its peculiarity, now I want to focus on Tuscany. I was there few weeks ago for a site inspection and even in winter it is able to fascinate.


Tuscany is famous for its wine production, for the magic Florence but also for food and wonderful landscapes like Chianti area and Val d’Orcia. The days were spectacularly sunny…all vineyards, lawns, olive trees and green hills were like in a postcard. I loved it once again. I recommend Tuscany for your luxury wedding here in Italy, not only for the incredible scenery but also for all possible activities, experiences and tours you can share with your dears during your special event. If your guests come from abroad and you are celebrating your charming wedding near Firenze, a city tour with your bridesmaids or your familiars will be a must! Florence is really wonderful, do not forget to visit its renaissance historical buildings…this city is an open-air museum!


In Tuscany, the big wine production allows to meet wineries everywhere, try its red wine with your guests and enjoy the countryside scenery. As you can imagine, in such a fantastic natural place, it is easy to find Luxury and charming location for your Dream Wedding.

Here follow you can find my venue’s top 5!


Arriving to this special location you already understand its exclusivity, it is not so easy to find and the road to get it is an old small way. When your reach the top of the hill the scenery is totally unexpected. Monteverdi is a small hamlet overlooking Tuscan countryside, Val d’Orcia, what a magic and romantic place! This ancient hamlet was finely renovated by the property with a famous architect contribution, they made a great job. Luxury ambiences and terrace gardens are wonderful, the spa is something really special. Monteverdi Tuscany is a luxurious multi-building hotel ideal for intimate charming weddings, your event will be a dreamy experience to live together with your guests. Mix of modernity and past make this place warm and unique.


Borgo Pignano country estate is defined the Tuscan Haven. It is situated in Volterra which is an historical and famous village in the heart of the Tuscan countryside, the landscape is wonderful, it offers peace and romantic feelings. Elegant renovated indoor ambiences are perfectly in accordance with the elegant venue. The icing on the cake is the Borgo Pignano swimming pool…. a real terrace on the valley…luxury experience with breathtaking view. In Borgo Pignano fairy tales come true!







It is a 5 stars luxury Relais, situated in the middle of Tuscany, close to Siena, all around nature, vineyard and soft hills. For a scenic and charming wedding I recommend this wonderful location which offers many different spaces where to hold your special wedding moments. Borgo Santo Pietro’s restaurant is driven by Chef Andrea Mattei, and it has 1 Michelin star, using only their own km 0 biological and natural products. A culinary experience to live! At Borgo Santo Pietro your guests and you will be involved in an amazing atmosphere and you can choose among many different activities to share, like cooking classes, tastings, spa sessions, Vespa tours and much more. The perfect location for your Luxury Dream Wedding in Tuscany!



“Welcome to Monteriggioni, a magical place in the heart of Tuscany”.

Borgo Stomennano introduction describes itself perfectly. Magic is the right word to use for this place. The atmosphere and scenery are truly welcoming. Maybe the ancient main villa reminds old sensations. When a luxury location makes you feel like at home is something special, Stomennano is a beautiful venue in the famous Chianti area, built on ancient Etruscan and Roman ruins that are still visible. Your luxury wedding in Borgo Stomennano will be for sure a success!


Villa Medicea di Lilliano Wine Estate is a prestigious, historic private family estate, which you can share and enjoy with your guests during your dream wedding event. The venue is surrounded by 70 hectares of vineyards and olive groves. When you stay in Villa Medicea it’s hard to believe you are only 14km and 15 minutes drive from the centre of Florence, and 25 minutes from Florence airport. Its position is fantastic and offers so many possibilities to share time with your dears during your wedding. Indoor luxury ambiences and rooms are well renovated and well-kept gardens all around create a special elegant atmosphere. I cannot forget the stunning view from Villa Medicea’s big terrace….the right location to fulfill your dream luxury wedding!



If after my description you have fallen in love with Tuscany, my recommendation is to book at earliest your dream location, Tuscany is a booming!


Ph. credits: pinterest.com