Interview with the couture wedding dress designer Annagemma Lascari

Choosing the dress is the first thing a future bride thinks when it comes to organize her wedding day. It is the dream that all have as children and, growing up, as young girls, it is a desire that comes true. Wearing a wedding dress for the first time and is the first small emotion of when your first steps towards the organization of your luxury wedding. Just like a love story, like little steps towards a new life. It is the first great and little detail to choose carefully and with dedication. It is a departure and an arrival point, a surprise, a secret; it is beauty.

To find out more, to immerse ourselves in this world of prestigious materials, precious details, sinuous lines, exclusive dresses, we contacted and interviewed the high fashion designer Annagemma Lascari.

Annagemma is a stylist, a brilliant mind, a determined woman. She made of her kindness a “brand”, of her knowledge in luxury dresses a guarantee. She is in Italy one of the few expert designers of Haute Couture and luxury creations; she has collaborated with importants Maisons such as Ferrè, Dior and Capucci and today she is dedicated to the bride and tailoring experimentation in her stylistic study for unique dresses, creating couture dresses for celebrities and refined brides.

Atelier Lascari was born in 1993 and is a long love story, of brides, with whom Annagemma still maintains relationships, “Because I get attached to my brides”, she tells us.

In Milan, in the Isola district, rises and ancient palace: it looks like an elegant nineteenth-century palace in Paris. Here, Annagemma Lascari decided to create the Atelier directly in a part of her home, in her Maison. The brides come directly to her, in a warm, welcoming and refined room, where self-caring becomes a priority. Strong, confident, determined women. “I have chosen to bring the brides home, in the Maison” says the stylist.




Tell us more about this choice.

The approach with my future brides is fundamental. It is a cuddle. Hospitality is everything. This is why I chose to create the Atelier in my home. “Customer care” and a one-to-one approach is very important. I want to know my brides personally, observe them and study their personalities. I want to dedicate myself to them, create a dress that is only theirs, personalize it and unique. It’s our choice: my collaborators and I work as one and study, we design directly for her, our bride. Every bride is different, unexpected and wonderful.

Is this why the Atelier Lascari Claim is “Unexpected bride”?

Yes, because it is the effect we want to create. Everyone waits and expects the bride to the altar, but what they do not expect is the “wow” effect. I want guests to say, “That dress seems made for her”. This is real luxury, real exclusivity: amaze with something new, make unexpected a moment that everyone is waiting and waiting with frenzy.

For Annagemma every woman, every girl is different. In appearance, in colors, in shape and above all in personality. For this reason, each dress must dress the bride in a surprising way. It must be a tailor made dress, created specifically for a single bride, for a single identity. For Atelier Lascari, there is never a dress like the other. Exclusivity and personalization give brides everything they need to feel unique and special during their wedding day. Luxury wedding, like style, is to live with deepness a moment, go to the bottom and create something unique. It is the moment of life; it is immersing yourself in a new life, in the moments. It is taking the luxury of fully experiencing yourself that day and starting from elegance to get to the luxury details of life, of your Luxury Wedding.

How would you describe your perfect bride with three adjectives?

Refined. Harmonious. Bride. She must feel and be a bride, in all respects. With a precise identity.

What is elegance for you?

Elegance is surprising. It is creating a dress that “marries” the bride. I want my brides to feel unique, special. Every dress is studied and is for the bride, for her person and for her shape.

What, in your opinion, should not be missing to complete the bride’s look and how important are accessories?

Accessories, as in fashion, are essential to create a perfect look and personalizing it. Accessory can change everything, as long as it is something designed and structured, perfectly matched to the dress. The choice of shoes and attention to the “head” are fundamental. Completing the look with a toque, a fascinator, a headband embroidered with non-invasive silk flowers makes the bride even more precious and unique. Luxury details make the face personal.

When you draw, is there anything you think about (an object, an idea, a person) that gives you inspiration in terms of lines, gracefulness and style?

When I design, I start from fabrics. I look for prestigious materials. When I find them, I let the fabric inspire me and, then, I start to create the shapes. Each fabric must be crossed with a content, studied, thought. Immersing yourself in content is the way to create shapes. Each fabric has its own shape, its characteristic and its own way of being. Just like the bride.

The dress, therefore, like the whole event, must speak of you, future brides. It must be remembered, created for you, studied and researched.

Every single detail must be chosen with care. Starting from the fabrics, the line, the shape up to the accessories. Everything will come to life; it will allow you to be yourself, to feel at ease. Moreover, why not choose to wear two dresses during your exclusive wedding? One for the ceremony and one, lighter, for the party. The choice of the second dress is an extra surprise; it is a small event in the big event.

Annagemma has created a ready, dynamic and refined line. The Premium design of Atelier Lascari allows brides to amaze even with a change of dress, between a smile and another of joy and grateful.



How do you think the approach to choosing the dress, the wedding itself, has changed?

The future bride today has another awareness. She is a mature, determined woman; she knows what she wants for herself. She is a woman who does not lose the joy of dreaming, but who approaches the market with a more realistic consciousness. This is why I thought of the Premium Design line, a ready-made line of content, quality and prestige, but accessible to today’s customers. It is dream and reality.

What is the key concept of the Lascari Atelier Premium Design Collection?

Millennials are the new frontier, they are our future consumers and we want to meet their needs. They have an attitude towards ethical consumption. They have a different approach to consumption, so I created a Premium Design collection. It is attention to design, quality and cost. It is affordable luxury, even in wedding dresses or in the second dress. It is consciously dreaming.

What has instead remained unchanged in marriage?

The desire for romance, to dream, to fly. The blatant declarations, the joy of the party, the desire for beauty are back.

What advice do you feel to give to future brides?

To always, choose consciously. To deepen in intensity and quality. I am a great supporter of Made in Italy and I invite brides to consume made in Italy clothes, to find the underlying cause of what they will wear. I suggest them to pay attention to what they buy, especially in this difficult moment. To give real meaning to our nation. We are excellent. In this regard, I launch a hashtag: #iosonomadeinitaly!


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