Special and unique moment, the marriage vows, it is your union formalization. The ceremony is the official moment in which you are declaring your love in front of your familiars and friends, minutes full of strong emotions. The choice of ceremony location is as important as the reception location, indeed not always it is possible to formalise your marriage in the same location where you are going to have the reception. Sometimes it happens that you need to have only a symbolic ceremony if the location is not an authorized municipal house.

Fortnuately we have many historical buildings and original locations in Italy where you can celebrate officially this important moment of your Luxury Wedding.

Amy & Charles at San Galgano Abbey

This week I am giving you some ideas of most exclusive locations for your civil wedding ceremony, among them historical buildings, deconsecrated ancient abbeys, political and artistical buildings. It will be an unforgettable moment .

Nowadays, more and more couples decide to have a civil ceremony for their luxury wedding, for this reason many suitable places have been designed as municipal house to celebrate the civil wedding with legal effect.

Piazza del Campidoglio Roma . . #Michelangelobuonarrotietornato #Michelangelo #artblogger #life #roma #Campidoglio #Beauty #architecture #artbloggerbandelloni #madeinitaly I start immediately from Rome, called the eternal town, here you will find exclusive locations, among them the Sala Rossa in Campidoglio. It is situated in the heart of Rome, this room dating from the XVI century, relized on the project of Michelangelo Buonarroti, is one of the most beautiful architectural ambiences in Rome where you can celebrate your civil rite. The room, named Red for the color of its fabrics, is on the ground floor of municipal office building in Rome and it offers a stunning view on Foro Romano, a magic scenery enlighted by the sunset.







Always in Rome there is an old deconsecrated church, S. Maria in Tempulo, known as Terme di Caracalla. It is one of the most requested locations for civil wedding ceremonies in rome. An elegant park surrounds Terme di Caracalla an the atmosphere is charmed.

Terme di Caracalla

I follow up writing about Venezia, it does not need any introduction. For those who loves the charm of the most romantic city in the world, Venezia proposes the wonderful Palazzo Cavalli as location to celebrate civil luxury wedding ceremonies. It is situated just few minutes far from Ponte di Rialto, facing on Canal Grande. Palazzo Cavalli, built in XVI century, has three indoor rooms at spouses disposal, decorated with fantastic renaissance frescoad and paintings. The view is simply brathtaking. A timeless fairy tale.

Venice - Palazzo Cavalli-Franchetti

Going further south we can find the famous Sorrento, sunny and beautiful village near Napoli. I suggest you to have a look at the ancient Chiostro di San Francesco, built in XIV century, it is one of the oldest monuments in Sorrento and it is an enchanting frame for a luxury civil wedding ceremony. Absolutly not to be missed!

Cloisters of San Francesco d'Assisi Church, Sorrento, Italy

Leaving for a moment the mainland and moving to Sardinia Island, there is a peaceful place called Asinara. Civil wedding ceremonies on this small park-island in the north of Sardinia, are menaged directly from Porto Torres minicipality. An exciting scenery, unspoilt nature and see are the main landscape.

Cala d'Oliva, Asinara, Sardinia, Italy

Turin est surprenante, une petite pépite baroque, pleine de surprises entre ses musées modernes, son passé industriel, ses cours secrètes et ses palais flamboyants !

Are you looking for a special and intimate location? Celebrating your civil ceremony on the colonaded Mole Antoeliana terrace in Torino is now possible !

Total number of guests allowed is 60 persons. It will be an unforgettable emotion to share with your close familiars and firends.













I want to go ahead with the famouse Romeo and Juliet’s House in Verona, there is nothing more romantic. The legend narrated in Shakespeare’s drama, tells that the two famous lovers declared their eternal love just in this house. Which better location to celebrate the civil ceremony of your luxury wedding?


Erice - SicilyAre you looking for a charming and fascinating location with a breathless view on the cost? Erice Castle, near Trapani in Sicily, for sure can be perfect for you. Built in XII century by Normans using the old materials of an ancient Romanic temple honoured to Venus, it is a fantastic place where to declare each other your eternal love officially. An unforgettable emotion to live in this luxury castle.









Tuscany is definitely one of the most requested destinations for luxury wedding celebrations and just in this region, more exactly in Val di Merse, there is a stunning and charming location for civil wedding ceremonies: Abbazia di San Galgano. It is a special place with a mystical atmosphere, not so far from Siena. I let you figurate your luxury wedding ceremony just looking at the picture.

Risultato immagini per abbazia di san galgano"

I just have to speak about Palazzo Reale in Milan, which is nowadays a very important museum. In the past it was the Milan’s governement palace, then a luxury residence and today Palazzo Reale hosts exclusive civil wedding ceremonies. The buidling is beatiful and central, it is just on the right side of the Milan Cathedral (Duomo di Milano). You will live a metropolitan dream wedding.

Risultato immagini per palazzo reale milano"

I know, it is not easy at all to choose among so many possibilities Italy offers, your Destination Wedding Planner is able to help and assist you in order to turn your dream into reality!


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