Have you ever thought to celebrate your Luxury Wedding in a foreign country or simply in another region of your country?

Your special day is unique and want to be unforgettable. The first step is always the difficult choice of your most suitable luxury location.

World is wide and offers wonderful landscapes for such a special event. Today I want to give you some interesting raccomendations and suggestions to fulfil your dream wedding in a fairy tale place.

Starting from Italy, my loved country, you can have many possibilities. Called Bel Paese, Italy offers natural and scenic places which can be truly the right frame of your Luxury Wedding.

Maybe you live in USA, Canada, Africa, Japan, East Europe or in Italy too, and you are thinking that it is tough to organize your wedding that far. Your Destination Wedding Planner is there for you, your guests and you will live a great experience without stress. It will not be only the occasion to be all together celebrating your love, it will be much more, you are offering to your familiars and dears the opportunity to visit another wonderful country (or region) celebrating with you your special event of one or more days. Amazing experince to share!!

In Italy you can find beautiful places for all taste!

Do you love lakes with spectacular mountains all around? Lake Como can be the right choice…incredible scenery where you can find Villas and Castles with really beautiful view. This place is magic, stylish and luxury. Live the fairy tale to cross the lake on a luxury boat, you will be the stars.

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Would you like to celebrate your luxury wedding rounded by vinyard, country and soft hills? Tuscany countryside with its traditions and winery would be your ideal landscape for a romantic wedding. Your guests will live with you the magic experience to stay in Tuscan tipical villages, enjoying nature and the extraodinary food.


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And if you love old style cars, vintage luxury decorations and ambiences, you will find what you are looking for in many regions of Italy…as well as Tuscany, you can live similar wonderful experience in Piemonte, in our famous Langhe area, and also in Puglia…wide stretch of olive trees, vinyard, and traditional locations give many possiblities to fulfill your dream wedding!


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Don’t forget to take a look to other fantastic italian places to celebrate your wonderful wedding: Sorrento, Capri Island, Sardinia, Sicily with their crystalline waters and seaside landscapes, but also Valdobbiadene, Franciacorta with Lake Garda and Valpolicella area are truly incredibile locations. Take the opportunity to have great experiences with your guests: wine tasting, sport experiences, cooking class to learn italian culinary tradition and much more.

If you like more the historical magic of an ancient and majestic city, Rome is for sure your dream location for your fairy tale wedding.

Are you more fashion and stylish oriented? Which better location than Milan…metroplitan town where design, modernity and vibrant atmosphere are exactly what you were looking for your exclusive wedding!

I left it as last, not because less important: Venezia. So romantic, exclusive, famous and required location for a special Luxury Wedding. Its art, tradition, tipical boat “gondola”, the lagoon channels are something unique in the World. The frame of your exclusive wedding in Venezia will be the glitz of renaissance age, all venues are Art, you will live like in a movie. This is your fairy tale and you are the protagonists in a scenic and historical context! Simply wonderful.


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Your Destination Wedding Planner will support you with the choice, she will give you useful advices and she will follow the full organisation according to your favourite mood. There are many details to take in consideration, she will assist you with the transfer and accomodation management for you and your guests, completing the event with some optional amazing experiences.

If you live in Itlay, or also in another country and would like to live your fantastic fairy tale wedding in Europe for exemple?

I assure you that it is possible and your Destination Wedding Planner will follow up step by step your luxury wedding abroad. Any ideas?

What about Loira Castles in France? Pays de la Loir, Provence, Côte d’Azur and Bretagne are really exclusive locations, different places with different landscapes and characteristics!

Your guests will thank you for the amazing event and experience and they will always remember your special wedding with joy.


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How to forget Paris, fantastic, romantic and luxury Destination Wedding. It is called the town of lovers, I can confirm you, it is the correct nickname for Paris…its lights and atmosphere give warm feeling. Paris can be the right choice to crown your love. There is no season to get married in Paris, even the rain and snow looks romantic in this town!

I could be go on with many other advices, for example a regal wedding can be celebrated in an ancient castle nearby London, or why not in Moscow where russian Zar left a brillant, luxury and rich heritage!

There are no borders to celebrate your perfect fairy tale wedding. You can bring with you your traditional rite all over the world, your Destination Wedding Planner will be by your side to fulfil your dream.