After choosing the dress and the shoes, the “bouquet time” arrives. The bride’s bouquet is never a simple and mere bouquet of flowers, but it is a creation of balances, proportions, details, style that should never be left to chance, but rather thought carefully.

It is, in fact, the most important accessory of the bride. It must match the dress, the hairstyle, the figure of the bride and the whole mood of the wedding. It must be proportionate, it must create a balance, but above all it must be part of you – brides to be!

You will have to feel as if it’s truly YOURS!

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It must be as elegant as the dress you wear, delicate and precious. It must reflect a part of your personality; you will have to choose it carefully, choose the flowers you love, the shape, the colors that suit you best and that are in theme with your dress. It will have to make you feel like a princess, represent you and you will have to feel beautiful and at ease. You will have to wear it exactly as you wear the dress; as if it was part of you.

If you still have no idea what kind of bouquet you would like to wear, here is a “little ride”, for you, among the most beautiful, princely, historical, elegant and never gone out of fashion bouquets and some “tips” on the various types of floral arrangements and bouquets.

Beautiful bouquets of flower, important, simple and balanced. Unforgettable princess and their flowers!

Among the most famous and wonderful bouquets, there is certainly that of Jackie Kennedy, composed of white and rose orchids and gardenias and which are still today inspiration for elegant and princely brides.

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The simplicity, then, of the bouquet chosen by the wonderful and unforgettable Grace Kelly.

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Or the cascading bouquet with white roses and ears of Letizia of Spain… modern, refined and fresh!

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The immense important and wonderful bouquet of Princess Diana composed of: gardenias, jasmine, lily of the valley, freesia, roses, orchids, myrtle and ivy.

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Among the most beautiful queens, Rania of Jordan, married since 1993 with King Abdullah II, on the day of her marriage opted for a bouquet of pink and white cascading flowers, green and fresh.

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Kate Middleton‘s magnificent bouquet: unusual, small and thin. Composed of lily of the valley, ivy, hyacinth and myrtle. It was an explosion of green with peaks of elegant white. Source of inspiration for many modern brides.

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Charlene of Monaco opted instead for a small bouquet, made of some of her favorite flowers: lilies of the valley, orchids and freesias. Elegant and delicate.

It is essential, therefore, that the bouquet is the right shape for your dress, for its lines, for yourself. It must be comfortable, stylish, and delicate and to choose it, consider the various types. Carefully choose the colors, the seasonal flowers – also think about their meanings.

Round bouquet

It is the traditional bouquet, composed of roses, peonies and English roses: perfect for princely dresses, with large and important skirts, precious and elegant bodices. A timeless classic.

Cascade Bouquet

A spectacular bouquet, which does not go unnoticed. Perfectly matched to mermaid dresses, for sensual brides, dresses that stand out in terms of shapes and lines.

Natural Bouquet

Wild flowers, green, intertwined leaves with a touch of white. Perfect for chic, but at the same time bucolic, dresses for romantic and natural brides.

Bunch bouquet

Bouquet of long-stemmed flowers that goes perfectly with tight, curvy dresses and brides with a minute physique because they will be much more slender. The perfect flowers for this type of bouquet are the calla lilies, the orchids and the tulips.

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For an elegant, classy, ​​stylish and refined wedding, let yourself be inspired by these beautiful and royal bouquets!