The first important step in the process of organizing and planning your Luxury Wedding is to define the style that follows your personal taste.

With the help of your Wedding Planner, you will have to choose a theme, in this case colorful, that will make your wedding harmonious, unique and unforgettable. Every element and every detail must be in harmony with the other in a natural way.

Tono + co Classic Silk Ribbon inspired by color and paint. Lovingly hand-dyed in Santa Ana, California and available in 24 signature colors.

The color palette, therefore, will serve to create the mood for your wedding day that will unify all the moments of your wedding, from the ceremony to the wedding cake and that will create the right atmosphere. The color must become the fil rouge of the whole day and must immerse your guests in an unrepeatable experience: that of your special day. It must also reflect your personality, your taste and your way of being, obviously, in an elegant and refined way, with attention to the smallest details.

Choosing the nuances of colors is in fact fundamental to create a homogeneous, coherent and stylish mood. It is the first step in organizing the arrangements, the furnishings and all the details that will make your event wonderful and scenic. Remember to maintain always a precise balance and style, without overdoing it and without abounding. Sometimes, soft colors are better!

How do you choose the color palette to use? Here are some important aspects for you to consider and suggestions to not making mistakes!

A color palette for a rustic romantic wedding. Set in shades of ivory, mauve, berry, and green.

1. Each color creates a different atmosphere.

The color you will use will therefore be decisive; it can help you give your wedding a right tone, to arouse feelings, to create sensations. An atmosphere suited to the situation will succeed in making not only you but also, all your guests feel good, therefore, try to use colors that are able to create the right harmony, natural and balanced and, therefore, a magical and unique atmosphere.

This Glamping Wedding Inspiration in Marfa, TX Will Have You Booking Your Tickets to the Desert | Junebug Weddings To create an evocative atmosphere, for example, you can combine complementary colors, opposite to each other. You can then blend them, match them to a dark tint, for example, a version with a softer color. To create a light, stylish, luxurious and fairytale atmosphere, use the pastel color palette. The shades of pink, purple and green. Warm and light colors to create a romantic and chic setting. If you decide to get married outdoor, on a terrace surrounded by greenery, choose natural colors, shades of green or blue, wildflowers, to make the place an enchanted garden in total green style. If you want to create a luxurious, extremely elegant and refined atmosphere, you will have to use gold and its nuances.






2. Each season, its colors

Another important factor in choosing the color palette is the season in which the event will be hold; in fact, every season has its colors.

In the autumn seasons, from September onwards, use green and red contrasts. For a winter wedding, on the other hand, the colors ranging from white to blue, red, green and silver are elegant and delicate. Even gold, to embellish everything and warm up the atmosphere.

HARBOR GRAY, CHIFFON, IVORY, PINE, MOSS earthy color palette | Image by Melissa Alderton Photography

Pastel colors are perfect for spring weddings. Light and delicate, perfectly matched with the flowers of the season. Green, lush and soft colors.

In summer, instead, dare with bright, passionate and original colors, without risking exaggeration. Always remember, “less is more”!

3. The colors of the locations

Then consider the location in all its nuances. That is the interiors, the majestic and frescoed rooms of a building or the dark and simple spaces of a medieval castle. Consider, for example, the garden of a Villa, the terrace, the view it offers. Think about what kind of lighting you will need and how you could make the location exclusively “yours”, personalized, in your style so you can tell about yourself.

Imagine the colors that you would combine with the location chosen to create a luxurious and stylish setting! Always, with the help of a trusted Wedding Planner, choose colors to add to the main ones in order to achieve harmony.

The important thing is that the chosen nuance is in line with the mood of the whole day. The color palette should be in line with the location, follow the mood and style of the wedding, and create a natural harmony with the location and the place where you decide to get married. It will have to complete the panorama and the interiors.

Always try to put your guests at ease with colors. Avoid too much sparkle and too much gold. Attention, also, with monochrome: the effect can be trivial, exaggerated and out of place. Try to personalize your Luxury Wedding with just a few colored details and complete the arrangement with matching flowers, in harmony with the rest.

Your wedding must be perfect, exclusive and, above all, without any color smudges!

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