Entertainment in luxury weddings is the event within the event, it is art, it is extravagance, it is fun, it is wonder. Every self-respecting luxury wedding dedicates a good deal of time to the entertainment of guests, in all its forms, as long as it is original and spectacular.

In fact, beauty is also awe. It is light, magic, music, show and suggestion. Beauty is welcoming your guests, making them feel at ease, giving them attention: the day of the wedding is your party, but remember that it is also a special day for your guests.

For this reason, for years now, we have paid a lot of attention to guests from a logistical point of view, but above all we want it to be an unforgettable moment for them, an event that they will always remember with great joy.

Not letting your guests miss anything does not only mean welcoming and accompanying them during your wedding day, but also making them experience moments of fun, joy, surprise and never let them in moments of boredom.

The secret, for us, is in being able to design a small separate event within the big event, studied in detail, personalized and made scenic, wonderful and, above all, surprising. Therefore, to create entertainment that is not only musical, but rather wonder, magic, luxury and exclusivity.

Your guests, together with you, will have to wish that the night never ends!

To make it so, we will work closely with the Art Director looking for the concept, the design that best suits the wedding theme. We will study suggestive, scenic and moving shows together.

Elegance, refinement, imagination will come into play in every entertainment activity during your special day. Each event in the event (of your luxury wedding) that we create is special, different, magical because special are the artists and their ability to amaze, entertain with their shows, of all kinds and of all types.

Acrobats, dancers, singers, artists, technology and much more. Sensational dresses, enchanting settings, brilliant atmospheres, amazing choreography and spectacular shows… If you haven’t yet thought about how to impress your guests, today we suggest some ideas.


Originality, outside the conventional schemes. The spaces will never be “empty” and aseptic, but improved thanks to live music, art installations, visual tableau, water shows, interactive walkways and performances. Art to foster conviviality among guests!


Dynamic and interactive food performance. The artists bring food creatively surrounded by a picturesque setting. A sensory experience in all respects that will create an emotional bond between artists and guests.


Thematic installations, suggestive atmosphere, magical sensations. Lightness during the reception, leisure, fun and beauty.


Performance by professional dancers, sinuous movements in the open air, engaging dances. Contemporary circus, elegant acrobatics suspended in the air as if to simulate the freedom of flight.


Fireworks to the rhythm of music; colors, rhythm, sparks in the sky ending up in the waters of the lake or the sea. A romantic, suggestive and unforgettable atmosphere. All eyes of your guests will be on the beams of lights in the dark of the sky, reminding them of what a wonderful day your wedding was.


Colorful lights, projections, light design, magic in the dark, “urban” style illuminated signs and captivating music to accompany the eyes.

These are just some of the many shows that can be created to charm your guests and to make your wedding even more special.

Always remember that the purpose of entertainment is to “postpone” the departure of your guests indefinitely. And if everyone will be there to dance with you, laugh, photograph, observe and listen to the performance, with their eyes lit and illuminated, then you will have hit the target and made your wedding unforgettable!

Fantastic entertainment for real events has no limits!