Would you like to celebrate your wedding lulled by the waves of the sea? Do you want to surprise your guests, giving them a unique and unforgettable experience, on the roofs of the most beautiful Italian cities?

Or are you looking for a romantic place, in which the hills are the backdrop to a moment that will remain in your heart forever ?

We have what you need. Here’s a journey through ten locations to take into account, and from which you could take a cue, if the view is one of your priority. 

Eternal city 

Rome. Our journey starts form here, from a prestigious neoclassical building on the hills. Surrounded by an amazing garden, this villa offers you a breathtaking view on the eternal city. The ideal place if you want to add history and majesty to luxury and elegance. 



Italian style

What has always fascinated the couples all around the world is our style. It’s not uncommon that to the question “ how do you imagine your wedding?” the answer is “Italian style!”.

So here’s one of the locations that can totally satisfy this request. Overlooking the Amalfi coast, this villa reflects all that a couple desires… history, luxury, elegance, uniqueness and of course… an amazing view!



Relax and nature 

This villa, in the heart of Tuscany, has always hosted the most famous and exclusive events. Known for its gardens, it’s the perfect location for those who want to celebrate their wedding surrounded by the nature and escape from reality. 



Art and history 

Now we are in Umbria. This renewed historical residence is the perfect scenario to offer a unique sense of well being. With its artistic heritage is one of the most suggestive location of our country.



The smell of the sea

And what about an abbey?

This location donates the most beautiful landscape ever, typical of Liguria. Its gardens, its colors and the smell of the sea make the atmosphere unique and memorable.



Enchanted nature

Tasting again the smell of the sea, we move to Sicily, crib of the this stunning location overlooking the sea.

It’s perfect to celebrate exclusive events and it’s suitable for those who want escape from the daily routine and give themself a little break in this corner of paradise.



Timeless luxury 

Last stage of our journey: the Lake. Let’s start from Como and from this amazing castle, ready to host the future spouses. It’s perfect for those who dream a noble and elegant wedding and for those that, just for one day, want to feel the protagonist of a tale. 

Romantic atmosphere

This location is more than a villa. It’s creativity, innovation and culture. It’s the best place for those who want to make the marriage a romantic escape, live that day in complete tranquility and be lulled by the silence, charmed by the magnificence that only the lake can give.



Amazing landscape

This villa is for those who are looking for a suggestive and fairy-tale location. Far from everyday life, where the lake of Garda meets the mountains, it’s perfect to live a magical experience, carried away by the magnificence and elegance.


Monumental garden 

This villa, in the heart of the lake of Garda, hosts its guests, leaving them speechless thanks to its beautiful monumental garden, its frescoes, its statues and of course… the view!

For those who want to feel loved, dream and give to their guests a corner of paradise.