Man’s best friend can certainly not be forgotten on such an important occasion as your wedding. Indeed, it must be invited to your luxury wedding just like all the other guests and maybe he will have a special role in your unique day, your four-leg friend.

The most important day of life must be spent together with those we love and who love us. So why exclude our dog? Now more and more couples choose to get married by organizing their wedding and including their dog. There are those who consider him a simple guest and those who choose to involve him in the ceremony: this depends on you and the character of the dog. In any case, don’t leave him at home!

cane al matrimonio che accompagna la sposa

During the organization of your wedding, helped by a trusted wedding planner, make sure that the location chosen is “pet friendly”. It will be necessary to ask the location directly for permission to bring your dog to the ceremony.

Better still if you decide to celebrate your wedding in a location surrounded by greenery; in a flower garden and outdoor. Your dog will clearly have far fewer limitations and will feel more at ease. The religious ceremony is more complicated, since it takes place inside a church. However, everything can be done; still, your dog must have a docile character!

You can also think of training him and make him bring your wedding rings, perhaps attached to the collar and accompanied by a bridesmaid or a best man or by those who train dogs. Seeing your faithful friend run to you while you wait to become husband and wife will be an emotion for everyone, first of all for himself!

Another thing you need to think about is a space dedicated to him. Your little friend will have to stay away from your guests, from the reception tables and from the completely party area. You will then have to organize, within the location, an area where he can eat, drink and play freely. It will have to be a special day for him as well.

cane porta le fedi al matrimonio

You can also think of “dressing” him, but do not overdo it. The world of luxury wedding is also this: look for something original, refined and elegant for your dog. You can think of a crown of flowers to tie to the collar, to embellish the leash, a papillon-collar or a light and not bulky bib. It is important that they also feel comfortable and comfortable in clothes that are not inhabited to wear.

Also, make sure you have a competent dog sitter with you. In fact, during your wedding, you will not be able to manage him and dedicate the attention that you usually give him. A dog sitter can always keep an eye on him, make sure that everything goes the right way and if, by chance, there were unforeseen circumstances he will surely know how to manage your puppy!

To complete everything, entrust your wedding planner with the search for a “pet friendly” photographer. It would be a shame, in fact, not to include him in the photos of your special day. However, being a difficult subject to photograph and sometimes to approach, make sure you choose a professional expert in animal photography.

Now you just need to invite the first guest to your wedding!