Close your eyes and go back to dreaming. Let’s fly to New York. A few days ago ended the Bridal Fashion Week 2021. Let’s see what the best designers have reserved for us.Having a look on the collections, we can notice two main styles.

On one hand we can find the minimalism, with neither embroideries nor decorations. For example, Justin Alexander or White One Bridal make simplicity a masterpiece and let white be the protagonist of the scene. A unexpected gesture. 

Justin Alexander 2022

On the other hand, we can see the sparkling decorations and the large volumes. Who we are talking about? An example could be Elie Saab, that managed to create original and unique dresses with sparkling fabrics and eye-catching decorations. On the same wavelength we can see some Anna Berge’s pieces, who has proposed some tulle dresses. 

Elie Saab 2022

Anna Berge 2022

But if they are the two main guidelines, let’s see which are the trends and what will become the “must have” for every bride. 

Let’s start from the 3D applications. The three-dimensionality can capture the attention and exalt the beauty of the dress, creating an impressive effect.

Marchesa Bridal 2022

Then move on to the lace. The lace has always been that chic and sensual detail that every bride has always dreamt and, even today, we can say that it hasn’t lost its charm.

Sareh Nouri 2022

And what do you think about short dresses? If you love this style, 2022 is your year. We will see a return of  the short dress, which is perfect for who has a jaunty soul.

Eisten Stein 2022

And than… here they are… the trousers! You’d never expect it. It’s an idea followed by many designers.

We complete our list with the last two trends.

Let’s start from the bridal veil. The veil can’t never let the bride alone. A lot of designers confirm it and this year they are ready to propose different models, uniques, with particular details that will make the difference.

Neem Khan 2022

Finally, the off-shoulder neckline. The off shoulder give to the bride a timeless class.

Neem Khan 2022