Following the restrictions due to Covid-19, today many spouses choose to celebrate their wedding by organizing an intimate wedding. A decision that allows you to take care of your guests in a special way, giving life to a warm and familiar atmosphere and an extremely refined and personalized reception.

There are many reasons for choosing to share your day with a small number of beloved people and they all start from the idea of ​​creating intensity of moments and feelings to be experienced with a few close friends, with the certainty of creating an unforgettable event.

From a more practical point of view, the fact of having few guests allows you to focus the budget on the details, being able to study them more carefully, choosing more luxurious objects and materials. It allows you to create a Luxury Wedding, which perhaps could not have been done with more guests.

The organization starts, as always, from the choice of the location. This must be wonderful in all its shades, there will be no space constraints, only beauty.

The ideal would be an outdoor place, surrounded by nature, in the greenery, where you can be influenced by the colors, scents and beauty of the surrounding landscape. A terrace overlooking the lake or overlooking the sea.

The spaces will be studied in depth and every single corner of the location will be dedicated to every important moment of the day. The aperitif, the dinner, the cutting of the cake, the dances. Each moment will take place in a different point of the location, set up in a scenic and wonderful way. In this way you will have the opportunity to fully experience the wonderful place where you have chosen to celebrate your love! The romantic and warm atmosphere will embrace you and your loved ones, giving life to always different sensations and emotions.

You can then decide to have the wedding banquet prepared by a starred chef and create precious, dreamlike arrangements, with majestic flowers. You will give your guests an unforgettable sensory experience: taste and wonder the perfect combination for an intimate and cozy wedding!

Instead of many tables, you can only have one, imperial with 30 people. This will create a convivial, almost family atmosphere. Everyone will look into each other’s eyes, toasting love and your life to come. You will have the opportunity to devote some of your time to each guest, special attention, delicate words and sincere smiles and they to you, making you feel the real protagonists of your most important day.

The set-up can then be studied in detail, with attention to every detail. It will be as you have always dreamed and desired! Having fewer tables to set up will allow you to give vent to creativity and to study a special and important mise en place. You can rent refined and exclusive tablecloths, decorated plates, precious glasses and cutlery and wonderful flowers to make it personal and unique. You can play with candles, candelabra and precious chandeliers. You will create a soft light, welcoming and magical environment even under a starry midsummer sky. You can devote more space to the details of the equipment, looking for something truly personal that adds value and beauty to your table.

Furthermore, during the choice of the mise en place, you can choose to amaze your loved ones by thinking of creating personalized place markers for each one, dedicating them a special dedication, a thought to explain the importance of their presence on the most beautiful day of your life.

Entertainment also wants its part and here, then, you can wander and create a small wonderful event, for a few close friends. Fireworks, lights, music, bewitching dances, engaging shows to savor all the magic of the evening.

Furthermore, by organizing an intimate wedding, you can choose to have all the guests stay overnight in the same place and perhaps organize a brunch in the pool the next day to retrace the magic of the previous evening. You can organize side activities in groups and let them experience a real exclusive and unforgettable weekend.

An intimate wedding is therefore luxury, but also warmth and familiarity. Everyone will feel involved, part of a great celebration and an important “piece” of your love story!