The new generation, new couples, wonderful love stories and weddings, but with more awareness, with one foot in reality and the other in the fairy story. The Millenials, or young people born between 1980 and 1995, have influenced the world of Wedding and that of “Planning”, making it revolve around the concept of customizing luxury!

What characterizes today’s young people is undoubtedly the wise and enterprising use of the internet, fundamental in their daily lives. Social media, for them, are not only effective means of communication, but when it comes to planning their wedding, they also become a source of inspiration and knowledge.

It is thus, in fact, that they begin to decide where and in what style they want to get married, starting long and specific searches. On the web, in fact, you will find everything: photos of wonderful locations, representations of impeccable settings, demonstrations of successful weddings and wonderful details. Millennials have another way of approaching the vast world of Wedding and have another awareness, more real and sustainable. The wedding day, however, always remains a special dream, an unforgettable day and many, for this reason, still choose to rely on an expert in the sector, a Wedding Planner who comes as close as possible to their tastes, their style and even to their budget.

Even the choice of the Wedding Planner is based on virtual knowledge and they learn to trust her right away even if they do not know her personally, but following her step by step in her works and projects.

The relationship created with your Wedding Planner is fundamental, with mutual trust, especially if you want to enter the digital world to create your dream wedding. In this occasion, trust and serenity becomes essential to start a path together. Today, in fact, through galleries of images, spectacular photos and detailed descriptions, you can get to choose not only your Wedding Planner, but also the location and suppliers to whom you can entrust the personalization of the entire wedding. Especially today that the Covid emergency has moved us away from the reality we were used to, from direct knowledge, from the words spoken, the “online” method seems to be more effective than you think and also – for now – safer.

Today that we are not allowed to meet, shake hands, be close and talk in the same room, the world of Wedding Planning has changed, has also reinvented itself to meet these new needs, the needs of young couples, committed, but with a great dream to realize and with particular attention to the budget.

What young couples have in common is undoubtedly the great digital skills. Their choices are always weighted: they are based on what they see through their smartphones, on the colors of the fittings, on the sensations that certain images convey to them, on the reviews and on the social profiles of individual professionals. The web offers them everything they need to embark on a virtual and telematic journey towards organizing their big day. They come to the decision to marry more consciously, with more regard for consumption, but in any case out of personal choice and to celebrate together with loved ones and friends. Millennial weddings are almost always large personalized parties, where fun with friends becomes almost a priority. The wedding is therefore above all an experience to share.

However, they never forget the quality. In gastronomy and in the details. They don’t like trivial things already seen and reviewed, they love beauty and personalization. They firmly believe that their marriage should tell about their love story and their intertwined personalities. Young people who want to get married today also want to amaze. They want to enhance their essence, be themselves, use their language, be at the forefront. And they want all this for every detail concerning the wedding: from participation to the menu, from music to the most experimental entertainment. They want to make the day unforgettable for everyone, to live it serenely, they want all their guests to be happy and surprised. Marriage therefore expresses more a way of being, of living for the couple than a precise and well-defined style. And today, more than ever, they want to have the opportunity to manage every organizational aspect through their smartphones or laptops, virtually, however, always feeling confident of having a Wedding Planner by their side.

For this reason we have thought of a new project, strictly online, youthful and dynamic, to give young couples everything they need. A new way of organizing, managing and planning. To stay connected, to do everything online, to choose and decide through a click, but with the possibility of selecting the most suitable alternative to them. Phone calls, e-mails, demonstration projects, contacts with suppliers, preparation of detailed timelines, deadlines and much more, to be in step with the times, with these that run, and to be close, to create together, in a digitalized world and full of news, a wonderful day with an eye on the budget.