The beauty of luxury weddings is that they can create anything, by giving free rein to imagination and creativity … involving everything and even more! Couples who love luxury do not save on anything when it comes to organizing their wedding reception. Moreover, with budgets so high and almost unlimited, everything is possible.

Every wedding must certainly be unique. It must be customized and tailor-made for the couple. In fact, each couple has their own tastes, priorities and dreams to fulfill. Always different, always magical and full of surprises!

Surely, what makes the event unique and successful are the details that, in addition to amaze the guests, make the experience for the spouses unforgettable: a good luxury wedding planner certainly knows how to satisfy the needs of her customers, taking care of the their dreams and above all knows how to surprise the guests invited to the event.

Weekend event

Bringing their guests to a real dream weekend is one of the most popular desires among luxury guests. The idea of ​​making the guests’ stay unforgettable, especially when it comes to destination weddings, entices future spouses who, regardless of expense, do everything to try to offer their relatives and friends a special and exclusive weekend, different from any other marriage in which they participated. The exclusivity of the event is the main objective of a luxury wedding planner who dedicates entire days looking for details and ideas to make each luxury wedding unique and unrepeatable.

Starting from the location and in particular a place (a luxury dwelling) where all the guests can be accommodated t to make the coordination of events easier, but also to create conviviality and fun. The organized events can be many and different: from a pre-wedding dinner, a welcome drink, a day in the spa, a picnic in the open air, a barbeque by the pool after the wedding, a “pizza” the next evening and much more…

A way to start and / or finish a weekend of relaxation, fun, amazement and certainly unforgettable. A way, certainly, to ensure that the spouses remain in the memories of every guest.

Suggestive and special locations

The first step in organizing a luxury wedding is to choose the most suitable location that best meets the needs and desires of the bride and groom. Being a luxury wedding, no location is inaccessible, everything can be evaluated. For some, the fairytale wedding can and must become reality!

From medieval castles, from ancient villages to rent entirely, to the pristine islands, to luxurious period residences, to suites without equal. The wonder must be an integral part of the place, it must keep the guests speechless! Each space is then made magnificent and unique in its particularity.

Luxury customers often choose the location based on the “arrival” options on location. Arriving aboard an elegant boat, by helicopter or in a hot air balloon surely increases the idea of ​​luxury and makes the “first trip” as husband and wife unforgettable, as well as creating a magnificent setting for guests who are waiting for the “just married” couple.

Refined and prestigious decorative arrangements

The arrangements of luxury customers are incredible and irresistible; nothing is left to chance, every detail is in the right place and, above all, it is chosen to amaze and surprise the guests. From the lighting design, from the lounge areas, to the mise en place and the flower design; everything must be perfect, original and ready to amaze guests and the spouses in a unique and not at all common and boring atmosphere.

Lighting and light design is certainly an integral part of creating an elegant, refined and luxurious space. Lights create atmosphere, create magic, and evoke sensations and emotions together with music – another fundamental element in luxury weddings.

The lights illuminate and when needed they obscure justly, enhance and highlight what makes the scenography of the special day unique.

The furnishing of the lounge areas is essential to create a comfortable but still unique atmosphere. Prestigious sofas, armchairs and tables to create luxurious and sumptuous spaces, where to spend the hours of the aperitif and those after dinner.

The mise en place of luxury weddings must be precious, refined, elegant and majestic as well. Simplicity is not contemplated among luxury customers, but rather the fine and elegant eccentricity of gold, bright colors, prestigious materials, important cutlery and dishes. The favorite tablecloths are those with elaborate fabrics, rare, original and different from all the tablecloths that guests have seen in common weddings.


Flower power

Flowers cannot be missing in luxury weddings. They are present everywhere and wherever they can be inserted. The more flowers there are the better it is. Of all types and all colors. Flowers must enchant the guests, they must wrap everyone in an unparalleled magic setting, create an unforgettable and difficult to relive and revise atmosphere.

High and important centerpieces, wonderful, refined and original compositions. Large decorative vases, hanging roses, flowered arches and much more. The wonder of luxury weddings is that, especially with flowers, nothing is impossible and everything can be created, everything can give the eyes an extraordinary and unrepeatable vision.

Exclusive entertainment

Luxury weddings pay particular attention to entertainment to make the event even more memorable and unique. The option of hiring a famous singer, which can make a performance, dedicated only to them, it is a very common idea when it comes to luxury clients.

The ideas for special entertainment are many and different; there are those who love to see exotic dancers dancing, for example. There are those who want illusionists, magician, circus shows. Of course, pyrotechnic shows cannot be missing when cutting the cake – a magnificent and certainly wonderful scenery for all the guests!

Precious wedding gifts to greet guests

Called “wedding gifts”, in luxury weddings they become much more than a mere memory of a marriage. They become luxurious and personalized for each guest. Exclusive fragrances created for the occasion, bottles of champagne, and objects in diamonds, jewelry or scarves signed for the women, prestigious display plates, stones and rare crystals.

Now let yourself be enchanted, dream, think and create your luxury wedding!