In a sophisticated and luxurious wedding, the favors for guests cannot miss. In fact, dismissing the guests in an elegant and classy way means paying homage to them with something that can always remind them of the unique and exclusive day that they lived: your luxury wedding. Even the favors, therefore, must be refined, original and must follow the mood and style of the entire wedding. Such an important day deserves to be celebrate in a charming and refined location, worthy of the most romantic of modern fairy tales and everything must simply be perfect.

To create a luxury wedding, first, entrust yourself to a trained and experienced Wedding Planner: an irreplaceable and fundamental figure because, able to fulfill all your dreams and above all the to find the “wedding favor” most suitable for your guests and completely in style with your luxury wedding.

Getting marry is the most exciting event in the life of a couple but it also requires a lot of time, patience and a great spirit of organization and research. Whatever your needs, trust an industry expert who will advise you and support you in the realization of your unforgettable day.

Today, real luxury is always a question of details. Details that express themselves in beauty, in quality products, in moments of conviviality and unforgettable memories.

Thus, even wedding favors must be chose and designed with care and criteria, because they are essential elements for the success of weddings: if the wedding invitations represent the official way of the wedding, the favors represent the grand finale!

Weddinf favors, in luxury weddings, become much more than a mere memory of a marriage. However, the choice, type and style of the “wedding gift” can be difficult. Do not forget that the favor can be any object that arouses emotion and attention, which will become the memory of this day so important entering the thoughts and homes of the people who have participated to your wedding.

It is important to choose something that represents you in terms of style, taste and aesthetic sense. Your guests, after having been to a luxurious and exclusive wedding, will expect to be amazed even in the fact of the “gifts” you have chosen for them.

Here, then, are some suggestions to avoid banality, not to disappoint them, but rather to stay on the subject of “luxury” … because luxury also passes through “wedding favors”.

The personalization and attention given to your guests is fundamental. That is, try to pamper your guests differently: for example, choose a gift for men and a different one for women. This way they will all feel special!

Among the exclusive and unique ideas there are fragrances created for the occasion, bottles of champagne, precious oil, objects in diamonds, jewelry or scarves signed for the women, prestigious display plates, rare stones and crystals and design objects.

Leaving the wedding guests with the memory of the wedding day with a perfume is an original and elegant idea: from the air freshener to the eau de parfum fragrances in pocket size, to scented candles, passing by perfumed soaps and linen-scented chalks, perhaps made with bridal customizations (for example their initials). Certainly, a refined and delicate gift.

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Another very elegant idea is the fabrics personalized by the spouses: scarves for women, placemats for breakfast, handkerchiefs made of fabric, cashmere scarves …

Again, mini bottles of prestigious prosecco or champagne, small bottles of extra virgin olive oil or spices with varied colors and fragrances: here too the choice in favor of eno-gastronomic theme favors is wide. Using decorative, elegant and stylish glass bottles, with personalized labels, the guests receive a tasteful gift that will make them remember the wedding of the bride and groom with pleasure and enthusiasm.

In the spirit of the Royal Wedding, wow your guests with exquisite Moët & Chandon wedding favours.

Traditionally the favor is strictly a precious object, generally in silver, porcelain or crystal.

Today, many couples decide to give rare and design pieces. Hanging plates, small works of art, hand-painted porcelain, colored tiles as a sub-glass, collector’s items. The favor must speak of you, of your personality and must “invoke” your wedding every time someone looks at it.

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So all you need to do is look for the perfect wedding favor: poetic, romantic, stylish and luxurious!

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