The moment of the wedding cake and, above all, the style and the motif of the cake is another of the many aspects that you have to think carefully about when you are organizing a luxury wedding. The cake, in fact, must be just as unique and exclusive.

The background and the effect, then, will be fundamental to make one of the most significant and symbolic moments of your wedding, wonderful. It is the instant in which the party starts, the emotion will shift in everyone and, obviously, in which the palates of your guests will taste the sweetness of the moment. It will be the summary of the mood you have choose for your wedding. The closure in beauty with a blaze of colors, romance and sensations. You will be at the center of attention and that is why you will have to choose a perfect wedding cake for you, which reflects your identities and your taste: it will be tailor-made for you!

Today the wedding cake is no longer a simple cake, it is not only the sweet conclusion of the banquet, but it is the creation of a moment, an emotion, an additional atmosphere. It is a combination of value and creativity: the wedding cake must follow the theme, style and color chosen for your luxury wedding, but it must reflect your identity. When it comes to choosing the cake, you need to keep in mind some basic details. That is, the theme and style of the wedding, the dominant colors of the decorations and decorations and finally, of course, the taste of the cake. Make these choices with care, and remember nothing can be left to chance.

Dripped wedding cakes from laombrecreations

For a luxury wedding, impact and a wonderful wedding cake is necessary. It will have to reflect your identities, but above all it will be the culmination of the mood and style of the entire event. You will then have to decide to make a cake using the colors of the palette chosen for the wedding and add refined, elegant and effective details. A luxury wedding cake is a mix of cake, luxury and design. Taste, aromas, creativity and color. For these decisions, always rely on the wise taste of your Wedding Planner: she will study the perfect cake and that fully respects the mood and characteristics of your wedding, especially in terms of colors and “scenic effect”.

Obviously, the cake will not only have to be aesthetically beautiful, but also tasty and delicious… do not underestimate this aspect! It will be essential for your guests to also have a good and sweet memory of your wedding cake.

Today, the shapes of the cakes are updated and diversified, creating a vast choice and leaving room for the creativity of cake designers: real artists!

The cake can be prepared in various ways, on several levels or on one, with structures and of course different designs and styles. First, therefore, choose the type of cake you dream of: in layers, very high, full of flowers, colored…

Here, for you, some tips ok wedding cakes always very elegant and luxurious:

The tiered wedding cake: majestic and dreamy!

This stunning and modern all white wedding cake was made even more perfect for our bride and groom with real white garden roses and touches of greenery added around the edges. #weddingideas #roses #weddingcake

A wonderful cake, perfect for a fairytale and luxurious wedding. The tiered wedding cake is of unparalleled elegance. It is refined, classic and charming. You can also choose to decorate it, as you desire … your cake designer will surely know how to make it exclusive and unique, giving free rein to its creativity and imagination. Geometric decorations, flowers, bursts of colors, three-dimensional decorations, and much more … a true luxury wedding cake that will leave all guests literally speechless!

Floral wedding cakes: a bouquet of cream and perfumes!

The 50 Most Beautiful Wedding Cakes, wedding cake ideas, amazing wedding cake #wedding #weddingcake

The romanticism made in a cake … a wedding cake completely decorated with flowers! Real flowers colored and perfumed everywhere and cream flowers, of sugar paste to be savored. You can add green branches, leaves based on the theme and season of your special day. Your wedding cake will look like an elegant secret garden to admire and enjoy. A riot of colors, shades, taste, goodness and romance.

Special wedding cakes: a modern artistic composition!

wedding cake designers white cake with macaron tower decorated with flowers winifred kriste cake #cakedecorating

It is not just a cake, but also much more. One way to amaze your guests, to have an original cake is an alternative is the “cake not cake”. That is, a composition of many desserts to create a real cake. You can decide to create a cake entirely of macarons, colorful, beautiful to look at and very tasty. Or a geometrical composition of many small Sicilian cannoli that look like a pyramid. Again, a fake cake in planes composed of elegant personalized cupcakes, cakes, desserts. A wonderful and original idea for your luxury wedding!

Finally, never forget to create the right atmosphere, the background. Gleaming fountains, fireworks, lights, pyrotechnic shows under a starry sky. Add even more magic to this special moment!

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