One of key issues for spouses during their Luxury Wedding organization, is the joy and satisfaction of their guests. We want they feel good, they have fun and we desire guests have an indelible memory of our wedding… positive of course!!

This kind of concern is understandable, none of us would like to annoying his guests, the responsibility is big above all when your guests come from far away and they had a long trip to be there by your side on your most important day.


Moreover, it often happens that your luxury wedding location is not right near your home, so maybe we do not know well surrounding area. Entertainment of all our guests is truly a difficult task, manage friend and familiar groups of many people is not easy at all and sometimes it occurs to not obtain the event result whished, or some guests do not feel totally involved in your special wedding moments, even if very happy for you.

For a successful Luxury Wedding, your Wedding Planner will come to the aid of this important aspect too, the result? A fantastic event, smiles and participation of all present guests will be the joy of spouses!

Your Destination Wedding Planner is ready to welcome you and your guests, you will feel part of one unique big event focused on crowning your dream.

There are many possible experiences, independently to the location chosen for your special day. It does not care if you are celebrating your wedding in Italy or abroad, your Wedding Planner will be able to create very special moments to spent with your guests, any example?

What do you think about if you meet your guests one or two days before your Luxury wedding at the location chosen greeting and sharing with them fun and involving experiences? Time spent with your guests some hours before the wedding, will help you to recreate that harmony and complicity able to enrich your Luxury Wedding with unforgettable emotions.

Here you are some interesting suggestions:

1.Welcome dinner the night before wedding

Almost of your guests are already there with you and moments just before your special day are charged of emotion and good excitement, spending time with your dears will be helpful and a great way to realize that you are doing something beautiful together with right people who love you. You are also meeting friends and familiars maybe you have not seen in a long time, warm feelings and happiness will fill your heart. Give thanks to them with a grill or pizza party under night stars… your Wedding Planner will arrange to create the right atmosphere with a stylish and welcoming set-up, nothing is missing and you will live an unforgettable moment.







2.Wine tasting

If you have chosen Italy or France or also other countries with long wine production tradition, the game is made. Your location offers an excellent product really appreciated by many people, now let you carry away by flow to live a culinary tour which will wake up your taste buds. A wine tasting is for sure a charming experience to live with your guests. An expert sommelier will guide you through a perfumes and flavours tour, you are sharing a special moment all together.

3.Cooking class

A fascinating experience learning kitchen tricks from chefs who use to prepare fantastic traditional dishes with love and devotion… hand made bread and pasta, preserves, salad cakes, desserts and much more. Amazing moment to share with your guests who will get involved in a very special activity. Traditional and authentic touch to your Luxury Wedding is always a good idea! Enjoy your gourmet creations all together, also in this case taste and harmony will remain forever in your dears’ memory.


4.Horse or bike riding

Your dream wedding day is coming, everything is now ready, your Destination Wedding Planner is taking care about every detail, it is your luxury and relaxing moment just before the event, spend your time with your dears! What do you think about a regenerative walking in the open air enjoying nature? During first organisational steps, your Wedding Planner had already thought of everything, once you chose your dream location, she had already studied the surrounding area and selected amazing activities for you and your guests according to your wedding mood, so nature lovers live the experience to make a bike or horse tour with your familiars and friends!


5.Relax in spa

Chosen luxury location is situated nearby a spa or even better it has one inside? Some relaxing health time with your dears is what you need to get ready for your special day. Take care to your mind and body, it will be an unforgettable gift! The must? A relaxing massage for sure!!


Good ideas to let you live fantastic and unique charming experiences with your guests are many, for example a prestigious whiskey and cigars tasting for most sophisticated and expert people, flavours coming from different world areas, it could be really appreciated experience for some of your guests, or a relaxing golf match as well.

The most important thing is to share great experiences without stress, excluding tiring activities, much better restorative and amazing experiences for you and your guests. In this way, you all will be ready and full of energy to enjoy the party of your fantastic and dream wedding!


 Ph credits: pinterest.com