For future brides, after the dress, the most difficult choice during the organization of a luxury wedding is the shoe. It is essential to find the perfect one to complete the look and to add more elegance.

Your outfit, in fact, that day, must be impeccable: all eyes will be on you, future brides, and you will have to feel, as well as wonderful, comfortable! At the altar, you must arrive perfect, at ease, bright and joyful!

But the choice of bridal shoes can sometimes be difficult and can be a little frightening; especially in brides who do not feel comfortable with heels or, on the other hand, brides who fear being too tall and feel forced to wear flat shoes.

The alternatives are many and different, and a thorough research is needed, because if every bride has her dress, every dress has her shoes!

Matching the shoe to the dress is fundamental, as its comfort is essential … that day you will already be very excited and agitated for everything and you absolutely must not have to think about the shoes!

You will not have to be in tension for the heels, for the walk, for the comfort of the shoe … it will have to seem as if you don’t have them, but at the same time they will have to be beautiful and personalize your look, making it original and wonderful! Everything, even the dress and the shoe, must be in style with the mood chosen for your luxury wedding!

However, choosing the right shoe can be difficult considering the details, the fabrics and the various models that exist. You will have to think, therefore, about the season in which you get married, the length and style of your dress and your comfort. You will have to feel as well as beautiful, at ease.

scarpe da sposa Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo

Bows and crystals, lace and silk! White, colored, with a wide or thin heel, low and obviously high, the bridal shoes can be extremely elegant and precious. Brilliant inserts pearls, sequins and lace. High and comfortable shoes, blunt décolleté or crossed shoes, but also high and particular sandal. White, but not only! Ivory, cream and silver colors. Nude, shades of pale pink, complexion pink, simplicity, bare or transparent skin effect. The perfect color for those who want to finish the look in a refined and sophisticated way.

The choice is wide … but the effect must always be the same: you have to amaze everyone with your shoes!

To facilitate your search, here are some tips and selected models for you, bride-to-be!


A timeless classic, feminine, refined. Suitable for every kind of dress: important and ample, long and impressive, romantic and delicate. The décolleté never goes out of fashion and unnoticed. Physicality is enhanced and elegance is added to the look. High heel and sensuality.

Jimmy choo scarpe da sposa

sposa Jimmy choo

Jimmy Choo


For those who are afraid of not having stability on their heels, the plateau is an excellent solution. It gives you security and comfort and it’s elegant to look at. However, never exaggerate with the plateau; the result could be of little taste. On the other hand, it is right to combine plateau heels with long dresses. Risultati immagini per scarpe sposa plateau chanelRisultati immagini per scarpe modello chanel sposa



Sandals are ideal for brides who want to get married in hot weather. They can be white for the day and gold, silver or sparkling for the evening.

The ankle strap also gives greater stability and enhances the elegance of the ankle uncovered: it adds a touch of femininity and refinement. Risultati immagini per scarpe da sposa jimmy choo Risultati immagini per scarpe da sposa jimmy choo

Jimmy Choo


If you want to add a touch of originality and dare a little more with shoes, you can choose a model embellished with special details: flowers, bows, precious stones, sequins … The fabric inserts can be white on white or colored, and can be on the heel, the toe, the strap or on the whole shoe.

Risultati immagini per scarpe da sposa jimmy choo Immagine correlata

Jimmy Choo


Symbol of elegance. This simple detail gives a lot of refinement to your style. Whatever the model, color or heel you have chosen for your wedding, if you want to be fashionable this aspect is certainly a must.

Risultati immagini per SCARPE SPOSA A PUNTA LOUBOUTIN Risultati immagini per louboutin sposa

Christian Louboutin

Now, all you need to do is go in search of the right shoe for you to be able to “run” to the altar and dance the night away of your luxury wedding!