Al pacino, Jared Leto, Jeremy Irons, Adam Driver and the superstar Lady Gaga are staying at the Grand Hotel Villa D’Este. It’s needless to say why. On March 17th, on the Lake of Como, started the filming of the new movie “ House of Gucci”, directed by Ridley Scott. The film is already loved. What is it about? 

It would be too much easy if we say that it is just a story. A series of events, one after the other, which tell us the story of a family, that has signed the world of fashion forever. 

No. This is the story of a dynasty surrounded by the success, creativity and greed, whose narrative fulcrum revolves around the spouses Maurizio Gucci ( Adam Driver) and Patrizia Reggiani ( Lady Gaga). But let’s get straight to the point. Which is the fact that makes this story so unique and charming? 

Maybe not everybody remember that but, on March 1995, happened what was considered the case of crime news which subverted Italy, having also an international resonance. Maurizio Gucci was killed by a hitman near Via Palestro in Milan. The motive was the desire of revenge. The desire of revenge of a woman betrayed and left for another one, more or less 10 years earlier, she who was nicknamed “the black widow” by the media, the ex wife Patrizia, sentenced to 26 years. 

An incredibile story in an incredible location.

It seems impossible to untie from this story the elegance and luxury and what, if not the background, is able to communicate, better than anything else, the ease and the elegance. In fact, the set will stop in several Italian cities … Milan, Florence, Rome … and of course could not miss our beloved Lake of Como.

After Milan and Courmayeur, the cast arrived here. In particular Villa Balbiano and its yard, in the Municipality of Tremezzina, are the background to all the planned scenes, including a great party by the pool. In fact, that spring day gave the opportunity to go out in the backyard and so the residents of Tremezzina and some paparazzis had immediately the chance to see the beautiful and elegant Lady Gaga, who seemed to dress perfectly the part of Patrizia Reggiani, appeared by the pool with a dress embellished by a parure, in which stood out flashy pearl earrings.

And it’s thanks to this dream location, with its luxury, magnificence and elegance, that we can perceive the real essence of beauty. Not by chance it has been defined “an awe-inspiring Italian jewel”.

Today is the largest private residence on the lake with an extensive sumptuous garden, outdoor swimming pool and a private pier. The interiors have been filled with finest objects d’art of past centuries and the the walls are still decorated with the frescos painted by the Recchi brothers and Agostino Siva. With a mix of natural beauty and a touch of man-made, this Villa is one of the most glamour and request locations of the Lake.

A corner of paradise, in which you can celebrate your wedding and a chance to live an unique and unforgettable experience and make the best day of your life a fairy tale. This tale will write itself, minute after minute and the Villa will be there to cradle you, ready to hold in its heart another emotional story to share with those who will come.