Wedding Planner


Wedding Planner

My story


If I became a Wedding Planner maybe it is also because since I was a child I organized fake dinners and ceremonies in the family. Growing up, I got closer to cooking and good manners, my love for beauty and my organizational skills have made a dream become a job.

I am 48 years old, I am a loving mom and a happy wife and I love my job! What more could I ask for… I am a fulfilled and happy woman

– From passion to work

After graduating in Economics and Commerce, I started this activity quite by accident. I started with the search for locations, suppliers, inspirations and photos. Immediately, despite the wedding planning business was not yet known in Italy, the first customers arrived and since then they have never stopped knocking on my door..

With the support of my team of professionals, I personally follow the spouses, I am present in their choices until the day of the reception, during which I experience all the emotions with them … as if it were always the day of my wedding.

My goal is to create an unforgettable and magical atmosphere without moving the budget to the background.

– Bio

They define me as an elegant, whimsical and very curious woman: my constant search for novelty makes me grow every day. That’s why I always propose new ideas and solutions to my spouses. Monotony bores me a lot..

My trump card: with my character, open and cheerful but at the same time professional, I immediately establish a good feeling with the future newlyweds.

– My method

It all starts with a deep listening and understanding of customers’ needs: from this empathy comes the trust that allows me to transform the dream of each couple into reality, making their “YES, I WANT IT” day a unique and unforgettable day..

The newlyweds trust and rely on me, they describe their emotions to me and this allows me to create a tailor-made event, personalizing every element, right from the smallest detail.

I’m a manic organizer, everything must be perfect, I don’t admit any smudge, and I’m very pretentious, especially with myself.


Every wedding is special and different from all the others and for us it is an ever new and fascinating challenge.

Our team of designers and architects works in synergy to make the most important day of your life unforgettable..

Our creativity, experience, competence, love for what we do, open approach and capacity for innovation, allow us to create unique and memorable weddings


We can’t wait to meet you!

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